According to a survey only 1 in 5 of people agree disabled people are treated fairly – IHREC

To mark the International Day of People With Disabilities, the IHREC released the results of a survey conducted across the country. The survey revealed that only 21% of the public think that the government is supporting disabled people. On the other hand, only a low percentage of the respondents think that disabled individuals are given equal employment opportunities.

This year’s IDPWD theme is “United in Action for People With Disabilities”. It aims to achieve sustainable development goals by empowering and supporting disabled people.

The data collected by the IHREC showed that only 30% of the respondents think that disabled people in Ireland are fairly treated. The organization also noted that only 28% of the public believes that disabled individuals should be able to access the services that they need.

The IHREC is responsible for monitoring the implementation of the UN Convention on Rights of People With Disabilities.

The commission has written to Minister for Children, Equality, Disability, Integration and Youth Roderic O’Gorman to express its concern over the delay in giving full effect to the rights afforded to disabled people under the convention.

For more visit : Irish Human Rights And Equality Commission