Community Garden for life, your contribution counts!!!

BCIL Garden

Blanchardstown CIL would like to welcome you to our community garden, located on Blackcourt road to the rear of genesis counselling service.This is fully accessible garden offers an oasis of calm to disabled people in the Dublin 15 area.

Through the networking efforts of the community, BCIL was able to gain access to the Genesis Counselling service’s garden.

Our garden was officially opened on July 28, 2021 by Minister O’Gorman. In October, BCIL held an event to celebrate International Poverty Day and raise awareness about the impact of poverty on disabled individuals.

BCIL started to work on this project that involves creating a sensory garden, and it aims to open the garden as a safe place for those with disabilities in Dublin 15.

Beauty blooms in a garden!

Greenery brings joy to life.

A Garden Is A Place Where You Can Find Peace…

BCIL would also like to hear from other individuals who are interested in gardening. The therapeutic effects of nature can be seen in humans as they are able to align themselves with the elements. Being able to connect with nature is very important for maintaining a healthy and mentally active body. Not only does it provide you with fresh air, but it can also help you recharge and regain some balance in your life. It is believed that exposure to nature can help improve one’s performance on various tasks.

Volunteers are an essential part of community life, and they often perform various roles on projects and programs. For those who love plants, volunteering at a local garden may be the right choice.

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We plan to use the garden for community events and awareness campaign in to the future.

“A life is like a garden. Perfect moments can be had, but not preserved, except in memory.” (Leonard Nimoy)

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