The Office of the Secretary General sent a letter to the Bcil on behalf of the President, where it shows in recognition for our continuous efforts over the years in offering services for people with disabilities to achieve their independence. Their acknowledgment of our services is a great honor and a source of immense pride for our entire team.


On behalf of President Higgins, may I express his best wishes to all involved in the Blanchardstown Centre for Independent Living as you celebrate your 30th anniversary. This significant occasion is a testament to your steadfast commitment to fostering inclusiveness and enabling people with disabilities to maintain their independence within the comfort of their own homes.

By providing at-home support, accessible transport, and maintenance services, and by supporting and enabling people to achieve their maximum level of independence, your Centre plays a critical role in the creation of a more inclusive society, making a considerable and positive contribution to the lives of people with disabilities, to their families and to their communities.

In ensuring that individuals with disabilities have the opportunity to lead fulfilling lives and actively participate in their communities, you have not only improved the quality of life for these individuals but have also championed a society that values diversity and embraces the unique strengths of every member.

The President would like to commend the Blanchardstown Centre for Independent Living for the tireless efforts that you have made over the past three decades. He sends on his warmest congratulations as you celebrate this milestone anniversary, and he wishes you all the very best as you continue with your important work for many more years to come.

We are deeply appreciative of the support and encouragement your office has shown us, and we consider it is a testament to the dedication and commitment of our team members who have worked tirelessly to make a positive impact on improving the lives of individuals with disabilities.

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