Irish Wheelchair Association launches new Awareness Campaign ‘Home Truths’

Home Truths: Because everyone deserves a place to call home’ ,seeks to raise awareness about how important it is for people with disabilities to have a place to call their own home. It also aims to highlight the barriers that individuals with disabilities encounter when trying to secure wheelchair-friendly housing.

The campaign was officially launched by Anne Rabbitte, the Minister of State for Disability, at the IHREC’s headquarters in Dublin.

In a series of videos, the members of the IWA talked about their personal home truths. They shared their experiences and the barriers that they face when it comes to living independently. One of the participants, Glenn, said that he often has to crawl up to get to bed.

Minister Rabbitte expressed her gratitude to the members of IWA ( Irish Wheelchair Association) for sharing their personal stories, and she noted that it is crucial that such experiences are acknowledged and used to shape national policies. She also reaffirmed the government’s commitment to helping disabled people live independently.

 “We want to deliver improved housing and related supports. This strategy makes sure that disabled people are at the centre of decision making when it comes to housing, giving them more choice, and control over where, how and who they live with, and promoting their inclusion in the community,” she said. 

Sinéad Gibney, the Chief Commissioner of the IHREC said: “Access to independent living, with independent living supports and wrap-around services, is a right that must be delivered to disabled people who require it. All people, including those amongst us who have disabilities, should enjoy the right to work, contribute, and participate in society. IHREC was delighted to fund the excellent work that the IWA has done in showing legislators and the wider public the severe challenges and hardships faced by people with disabilities as they try to access their human rights.”

The housing crisis in Ireland is well-documented, but this campaign shows that it is a crisis for people with disabilities, especially those who are wheelchair users.It is not just about finding a suitable place to live, it is also about finding a place that enables individuals with disabilities to live with dignity and autonomy.

Source: Irish Wheelchair Association

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